Mountain Home Air Force Base Address
Elmore County, ID

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Mountain Home AFB


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Mountain Home AFB

Located at a distance of 50 miles from the city of Boise, this is an Air Force Base of the U.S.A. in Idaho, Elmore County. It is the namesake for the near-by city of Mountain Home, a place near which a lot of flying aircraft can be seen. Some examples of these are F-15s, F-16s, KC-135s and many others. Mountain Home is the place where the 366th Fighter Wing is garrisoned.

The base was built and opened in 1943 and has served many primary missions such as helping during World War II and training cadets during the Cold War. Nowadays, its primary mission is to "provide combat airpower and combat support capabilities to respond to contingency operations", as stated by the present-day Commander.

The base has a total area of 25.7 km2 and a total number of 8,894 people. The number of military air force troops is unknown. Its logo features the mythical flying horse, Pegasus, and two lightning bolts, the symbols of power and flight.

The housing facilities are uncommonly good and the educational facilities also. However, children are generally educated in Mountain Home city, rather than the base. The attractions in the base are varied: a bowling alley, skating rink, crafts and art shops and auto shops.The base has no active duty mission for the time being, but it does receive press every so often on different occasions, such as the recent celebration of the Native American Heritage Month of November 2007.